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 Mary Popovich and Gigi



Mary Popovich was born and raised in District 58. She comes from working people. It is her birthright. Her lived experience. Her mission — to be the voice of working people and all people in District 58.

Mary is a leader, a ground breaker, a person who gets things done. Her credentials? They couldn't be better suited for the job.



 Proven, Experienced LEADER


As the first woman and three-term mayor of West Newton, Mary has brought new businesses to her community and reduced blight.


 A volunteer Paramedic, Mary is committed to increasing support for programs that make our first responders as effective as they can possibly be.


As a West Newton borough council member, Mary fought to increase funding for our schools, better roads, and greater accountability.


Mary taught for seventeen years in health science at the California University of Pennsylvania, Mary graduated summa cum laude with a Master of Science degree in 2001.

 Mary is no stranger to the strength of Union. To support her family, Mary began her working life as a coal miner. Yes, a hard-hat coal miner. Mary is  the essence of Union Strong.


Mary’s commitment to working people is long and deep. She started in the mines. Her father worked in the steel mills. Her husband is a retired railroad employee. Her son is a graphic designer focusing on signage.

 Devoted to her family, Mary will go to bat for an idea that helps pave the way to a better, more equitable life — for them. For you. For all of us in District 58.

Mary Popovich is a fighter. She knows what it means to go against the odds, to work hard, to reach a goal, carve new paths, get things done.

This is how Mary has lived her life. She wants to use that same energy, drive, and passion on behalf of everyone in the District.

We need Mary Popovich in the State House.

Use your vote to send her there!



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